How To Make Profit From A Software Business

There is little doubt that software is one of the easiest products to sell online. Many industry experts in the information product niche agree that software is a much easier sell than a training course or set of PDF eBooks.

A common misconception is that you have to be some kind of computer genius to start dealing in software, but with modern rapid development tools even the novice programmer can produce a high quality solution to a problem that can become widely popular and sell in the thousands.

Think ‘Problem Solving’.

For the small software business your key focus should be on solving a problem or making a task much easier. It’s unlikely that you could produce a generic word processor or spreadsheet and compete with the major industry players like Adobe, Microsoft, etc. But come up with a simple tool that solves a common problem and you can have a massive hit on your hands.

Niche Software is the best place to start.

Starting with what you know already is always a good plan because you already have an understanding of the market in question. The chances are you already use forums and discussion groups connected with your hobby or interest and so you already have an established market place. Forums also provide a wealth of hot ideas. Just look for the questions that come up time and time again where people are desperate to find a solution and see if you can come up with a software idea that will help.

It is also much easier to target your marketing for your software if you work within narrower niches and often much quicker to establish yourself in a market place.

Get it written.

Procrastination is what destroys so many peoples chances of making it in the world of software. They have a good idea and they sit on it and never actually get around to doing something with it.

If the idea is too complex for you to create using one of the many ‘no programming necessary’ rapid software development tools that are on the market (See,,, etc) then write a specification and post it on one of the many freelance web sites. I have had great success with projects on sites like, and

If you do go the route of outsourcing then spend a little time reading the advice on outsourcing web sites as it can be a bit of a mine field to begin with and can be quite daunting.

My personal preference is to do the work myself using a simple software building tool. Maintaining control and being able to fully support your product are key benefits you have from this approach.


You will be amazed at just how easy it can be to get started in the software business in this day and age. Software still has a high perceived value because most people don’t think its something they could do themselves. The reality is that anyone can do this thanks to simple program making tools and outsourcing opportunities.