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Construction Company In Johor today face major challenges when seeking employment in the construction industry. The A / E / C (construction, construction, engineering) employment market is very slow, with unemployment rates of over 20% in some regions, making the industry one of the hardest to work. Fortunately, however, even in the toughest markets, 80% of people are employed in the industry. There are many ways to get a construction job interview, but some are more effective than others. Job interviews come from a variety of sources. Many are offline, but are now online. When looking for a job in the A / E / C industry. Job seekers need to focus on a network of contacts within the industry and niche resources that drive the construction industry. Below

are the top 6 ways to get a construction interview. Job seekers need to focus on applying all the methods at the same time in today’s harsh working environment.
1 Approximately three of the four recruitments in construction management, including those by private or unpromoted construction vacancies
construction agents, are due to private or unpromoted construction vacancies (unknown vacancies). These construction tasks are the most confidential and the most difficult to find, but they are most likely to receive work flexibility and extraordinary construction salaries and rewards.
Personal classified ads are rarely completed in interviews with more than a few candidates before recruitment takes place. You have to be one of them.
Currently, there are no construction jobs, but in the worst case, an employer can create a construction job with the right candidates. Some employers will want to strengthen their weak ties during a recession, while others will want to increase and gain market share while competition is restrained.
Please “come with me” before the construction job listings are published. Networking is useful here. Referrals from influential referrals can stimulate immediate trust and respect from future employers and treat you as a top-notch candidate.

2nd Browse the list of key contacts on the private network
Rolodex or Contact Manager. Also, look at the trade association membership list and call someone who knows you are working in your area and may be willing to help you lead your job. Close friends and colleagues are often the best source of recruitment and referrals. They also probably respect your confidentiality and provide their true help. In addition, they may even be able to refer you to construction recruiters and other construction employment resources.
They may also be a good source of references and ideas about what’s happening in your market, who you’re hiring, and which companies are doing well.
3. Applying Directly
Another good way to get an interview in the construction industry is to apply directly to an employer of your choice in the construction industry. Investigate the industry and identify 6-10 key targets for your search.
Identify within these target companies


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